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We design each website project with your client or customer in mind. Modern web design is much more involved than creating an attractive website. Consideration of user experience, search engine optimization, and technical details are just a few elements that are comprised in developing a website that is developed to perform in today’s competitive marketplace. When you work with Piper Web Design on a website project, not only will you be provided with an appealing design and a well functioning website, but you will benefit from our usability, sales, and digital marketing experience.


Responsive Design

Responsive web design describes a technique which a website is a coded to be adjusted automatically to the screen size of each user.  This type of design enables the user to use any device to browse the website.  Layout and content of the site will change based on the width of the device used.  Basically with responsive web design you only need one website.  You no longer need to create two seperate versions of a website – one for the desktop and another for the mobile phone.  You can tell if a website has been designed for mobile devices if  you see the url starting with an “m”.  An example would be m.facebook.com.

Mobile First Design

Mobile first design takes is a design strategy which assumes that the mobile version should be designed first and then scaled upward for the tablets or desktop viewports.  Otherwise known as progressive enhancement, this strategy starts with the smallest device and scales upward to desktop computers.  This design strategy is not always the best choice for all businesses and can be costly.

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When considering your options for building a website, a few questions need to be answered first.  Most importantly, what solution can provide the most value for your business and marketing goals?  Whether you need a simple informational brochure site, e-commerce storefront,  or a standard website with additional functionality such as membership or event ticketing, the solutions are dependent on the purpose, marketing goals, and feature requirements.

  • Personalized website training

  • Interactive online calendar

  • Image galleries

  • Push content to social media channels

  • Store location finder

  • Hosting assistance

  • Email marketing integration

  • Local business or member directories

  • Custom forms

  • Dashboard customization

  • Audio / Video file integraion

  • Video embeds / Video hosting

  • Advanced search engine optimization

  • Secure members-only area

  • Website maintenance & security

  • Event registration / payment

  • Online donations & payments

  • More custom solutions

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