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Our fundamental consideration is your unique business needs and goals. From the start, we customize the key performance indicators we measure our performance against – to what is most important for you. Our recommendations are tailored to your goals and to your organization’s marketing plans.

Our Plans

We have four SEO options. By scheduling in blocks, we are able to keep our price plans low. The more blocks you use, the faster we can fully optimize your site.


$299(per month)
  • This plan is ideal for the small business or organization with little competition
  • One block *
  • No contracts


$499(per month)
  • This plan is ideal for small business with fair amount of local competition
  • Two blocks *
  • No contracts


$699(per month)
  • Ideal for small business with many local competitors or SEO for content/keywords
  • 3 blocks *
  • No contracts


$799+(per month)
  • Ideal for business’ needing to move quickly or needing a customized solution
  • 4+ Blocks
  • No contracts

Search Engine Optimization is a process.

Like constructing a building, SEO is a series of tasks that need to be completed in a specific order.  We have divided the work into twelve blocks – or lists of SEO tasks.  The blocks will contain items which are specific to Local SEO or Organic SEO whichever we are currently working toward. These task lists are the building blocks for your search engine optimization foundation.

Once we have completed the twelve block foundation, we continue to optimize your web presence to get your rankings up even higher, get more keywords to page one and improve the traffic coming in.

* Depending on the size of your site this is the typical amount of blocks we can complete in a month’s time for this monthly level.

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