Project Description

Mitchell Aircraft Products has continuously served the general aviation industry for over 30 years. Their manufacturing plant in McHenry, Illinois provides the aircraft industry with tachometers, gauges, and instruments built under an FAA-approved quality system. They needed a website which showcases their products which they sell to distributors only. Although they do not sell directly to distributors through the website, they needed the website to be viewable as an eCommerce store. In addition, they required an authorized distributor directory to help customers find an appropriate local distributor. The navigation needed to be clean and the products easy to find. Breadcrumbs, a mega-menu, and local navigation menus for closely related content were essential. In addition, technical data and certifications needed to be linked to the products and displayed in an easy-to-find and easy-to-use format, so the end-user could find the necessary technical data and certifications and warranty specifications to accompany each product.